Aerosoft reveals video of upcoming CRJ-700’s cockpit (update: new images!)

October 20 update! New images!
Aerosoft shared two beautiful new images of the CRJ today. It’s looking awesome!

We already know for some time that Aerosoft is working on the CRJ for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, but there were few details other than some images. Now there’s a little more to be excited about, after the release of a video by developer Hans Hartmann, showing some working knobs and switches in the cockpit.

Hartmann says that “after fixing some major performance issue it’s now on to properly connecting all the switches, buttons and knobs in the cockpit to the respective systems and make them all work“. Things are looking good, but this is obviously very much work in progress. Here’s the video:

The CRJ is bound to be Aerosoft’s first aircraft for MSFS, with a brand new and highly polished 3d model. Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok said a few weeks ago this “will not be a cheap port from P3D, this is all brand new stuff“, and that the aircraft “still needs to get its dirt and paint imperfections“, a good testament of the developers commitment to a high quality representation of this beautiful aircraft.

Below you can see more of the released images: