The Velocity XL has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

There’s a brand new airplane out today for MSFS. The Velocity XL, created by Black Square and published by Just Flight, is now available for simmers looking to fly a less conventional airplane.

The Velocity XL first came to our attention about a month ago, when we first learned about this first aircraft from Black Square (mostly known for the Real Taxiways series). From the start, it was apparent that the developers were attempting to recreate the Velocity XL in great detail for MSFS, respecting the aircraft’s unique features and capabilities.

The Velocity XL is a homebuilt, high-performance, single-engine aircraft, whose unusual canard design decreases the likelihood of unrecoverable stalls while also giving some unique looks to the airframe. It’s a design that was first introduced by Danny Maher in 1986, but the aircraft has since seen several redesigns, culminating with the latest version that is the done modeled here by Black Square. With 400hp, a ceiling of 24.000 feet, and a cruise speed of more than 400 mph, the Velocity XL certainly has some impressive specs for a general aviation aircraft.

Black Square Velocity XL MSFS 5

Black Square Velocity XL MSFS 4

Black Square Velocity XL MSFS 3

Black Square Velocity XL MSFS 2

Black Square went to great lengths to properly recreate this cool-looking plane for MSFS. Nearly everything has been modeled, from the fully-featured and functional IFR instrument panel to the entire electrical system with circuit breakers. A custom sound set has also been included, along with support for the PMS50 GTN750.

The Velocity XL seems to be another compelling and especially interesting package due to its particularities. It’s available now, priced at $23.00. The user manual is also publicly available and should offer a good idea of what this is all about. Check it out here.

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