T-45C Goshawk by Indiafoxtecho scheduled for a March 8th release

It seems the T-45C from Indiafoxtecho is right on schedule: previously expected to come out in March, the developers have now announced a “tentative release” on March 8th – just a week from now.

This will be Indiafoxtecho’s second aircraft for MSFS, after the successful Aermacchi MB-339. This time, the T-45C is being made in a partnership with MilViz.

As we’ve told you before, one of the most interesting features of the Goshawk is its carrier capability. However, as we know, Flight Simulator doesn’t yet offer carrier support, but you may be able to use the Goshawk with MSFS Carrier Module, a third-party addon that allows any aircraft to take off and land on a custom carrier.

In either case, the developers are confident that they’ve created have a “quite detailed” simulation of the T-45C that will please most simmers. There will also be a detailed user manual to help you learn more about the plane and take the best out of it.

T 45C goshawk MSFS 2
The Goshawk’s cockpit.

Indiafoxtecho also gave an idea on some of the shortcomings that will be present at first, namely:

– The HUD is not collimated and has problems with TAA
– Some functionalities of the HSI page not completely implemented (PLAN mode only shows the next waypoint as opposed to the full flight plan planimetric view)
– The aircraft does not bleed energy as much as it should during tight turns (although this is a more general problem of MSFS)
– Some BIT test sequences are incorrect or missing
– DEP can only be used to set CRS, HDG, LAW and BINGO.

In any case, if the previous release of the MB-339 is any indication, we can expect a very fun aircraft that’s quite different from the usual GA planes that currently populate MSFS. And with a release expected for next week, we won’t have to wait much!

Stay tuned for a release notice, we will let you know once it’s available and how to get it. Make sure to activate our browser notifications to know about it first hand!

One final word about pricing: $29.99.