Got Friends previews premium Discus-2c glider for MSFS

Got Friends kickstarted 2022 with the release of a new glider for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Discus-2c. This freeware aircraft has allowed glider pilots to soar in the skies of MSFS with no external apps, since it includes a built-in Winch Launch Control system and even some special weather presets designed to generate thermals.

Got Friends planned from the start to improve upon that freeware glider with a “premium” version, with additional features, customization options, and so on, aiming for a release in the Marketplace for PC and Xbox users. This premium version now appears to be almost ready, as we get the first image previews and a more detailed feature list.

The Premium Discus-2c will be packed with exclusive features, starting with an improved 3D model and textures, a tablet, a sustainer motor, built-in towing compatibility, wing wheels, and even working circuit breakers, among many other cool things.

The freeware Discus-2c is also expected to get some of the new stuff that’s being implemented on the Premium one, such as in-game checklists, a new oxygen tank system, and some new effects.

Got Friends Discus 2c premium msfs 5

Got Friends Discus 2c premium msfs 4

Got Friends Discus 2c premium msfs 3

Got Friends Discus 2c premium msfs 1

See below the full list of expected Premium features at this time. Got Friends expects the Premium Discus-2c to be available through in early June, which is also when the freeware version will be updated. The Marketplace launch should take a little longer, currently expected for late June.

Got Friends is now putting this new and improved version of its glider through a beta testing period, hoping to put it through its paces and squash any remaining bugs before the release. For now, enjoy these first preview shots of this beautiful glider!

On a side note, Got Friends has also revealed that the Stemme S12-G, another glider announced earlier this year, is now put on hold.

List of Expected Premium Features:

  • New 18m FES Varient
  • V80 Variometer (FES & Standard)
  • Front Electric Sustainer Motor (FES)
  • FES FCU Control Panel (FES)
  • Tablet (Toggle Available Options) (FES & Standard)
  • Built-In Tow Compatibility (No Kinetic Assistant Required) (FES & Standard)
  • Custom Sounds (FES & Standard)
  • Custom FES Animations on Start-Up/Shutdown (FES)
  • Launch Radio Comms (FES & Standard)
  • Built-In Cable Visuals (No Kinetic Assistant Required) (FES & Standard)
  • Modified LX Navigation and GPS Navigation Systems (FES & Standard)
  • Working Circuit Breakers (FES & Standard)
  • Wing Wheels (FES)
  • New Liveries (FES & Standard)
  • Customizable Canopy Tint Colors (FES & Standard)

List of Expected Premium and Freeware Features:

  • In-Game Checklist (FES, Standard & Freeware)
  • New Default Thermal Activated Freeplay Weather Preset (FES, Standard & Freeware)
  • New Oxygen Tank System (FES, Standard & Freeware)
  • Add Vorticies Effects (FES, Standard & Freeware)

Marketplace Releases & Estimate Release:

  • (Early June 2022)
  • Freeware Update (Early June 2022)
  • Official Marketplace & Xbox (Late June 2022)