The legendary P-51D Mustang is coming to MSFS

Warbird fanatics, rejoice! Aeroplane Heaven, who are also working on timeless classics such as the Spitfire and DC-3, have revealed the first images (and a video!) of their new historic military airplane: the American P-51D Mustang.

Few words can describe the importance of this incredible machine, which fought during World War II and in the Korean War. Thousands were built and its achievements during the great war were crucial to secure the victory for the Allies.

Whilst MSFS is obviously a civil aviation simulator, thus crippling any military aircraft in exhibiting their warfare capabilities, the truth is that these classic airplanes are still very much in service today, not for the sake of warmongering, but in the hands of civilian pilots who love the experience of flying these pieces of humanity’s history.

Aeroplane Heaven is developing here the P-51D variant of the Mustang, which ended up being the definitive version of the airplane, powered by the also legendary Merlin engine, also used in the Spitfire.

The few images that were shared show the Mustang in the hangar at an early stage of development, but here we can already see how the external modeling is going. Arguably even better are the cockpit images, showing some promising battered textures.

For now, this is all that Aeroplane Heaven is giving us. Remember, their Spitfire was announced months ago and there’s still no release date for that one, so let’s keep hopes down and just be happy knowing that, someday, you’ll get the chance to view your house from a Mustang. In MSFS, at least.