Orbx’s Landmarks Melbourne City Pack is now out for MSFS

Just a few days after the initial announcement and previews, Orbx has released its newest Landmarks City Pack today, this time dedicated to the Australian city of Melbourne. The cultural and sports capital of Australia, which is also the home city of Orbx, is now open for visit in MSFS in unprecedented detail!

Melbourne residents and visitors will undoubtedly fall in love with this stunning package, which brings this city up to the highest standard currently available in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s a scenery that was already extensively updated in World Update 7 with photogrammetry and a few custom landmarks.

Now, Orbx is adding 200 custom-made buildings, landmarks, and other structures, which include the most famous locations in the city, such as the Royal Exhibition Center, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parliament of Victoria, Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne Museum, Collins Arch, Dockland towers, and much more.

A fantastic new addition featured in Landmarks Melbourne is animated objects. Metro trains, hot air balloons, and racehorses display some life down below, which will definitely be an interesting sight when flying above the city.

Landmarks Melbourne also adds some bespoke features outside of the city center. Important VFR reporting points have been recreated in great detail, such as Doncaster and Parkmore shopping centers, Laverton BoM tower, and Victoria Police Training Academy. Numerous helipads can also be found across the city, specially tailored for helicopter pilots looking to take in the gorgeous urban views in Melbourne.

As usual, Orbx is also taking this opportunity to fine-tune the terrain elevation, night lighting, ground textures, and more.

Landmarks Melbourne City Pack is available now through Orbx Direct, and it’s well worth a look if you’re searching for a beautifully rendered urban landscape in Microsoft Flight Simulator. All that is left now for Melbourne is YMML, which we hope is being worked on somewhere in Orbx’s HQ.

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 2

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 8

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 5

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 7

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 6

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 3

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 1

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 14

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 13

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Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 9

Orbx Landmarks Malbourne MSFS 11

Orbx’s Landmarks series has brought numerous improvements to some urban landscapes around the world. Australia has seen its fair share of releases, with AdelaideAucklandBrisbane, and Sydney getting their landscapes covered with high-quality 3D buildings, landmarks and many additional improvements. 

Main Features:

  • More than 200 custom buildings and structures.
  • Detailed representation of the Port of Melbourne and adjacent industrial areas.
  • Helipads on several rooftops, as well as on floating platforms along the Yarra River.
  • Animated Hot Air Balloons north of the CBD, visible on mornings with clear weather.
  • Animated CBD Metro trains on the viaduct between Flinders and Southern Cross stations.
  • Animated racehorses on Moonee Valley and Flemington racecourse.
  • Many enhancements to the city and surrounding areas: improved vegetation and building placements, marinas, tall powerline towers, etc.
  • Precise placement of our custom landmarks within the simulator’s terrain and the city’s photogrammetry coverage.
  • Custom night lighting based on real-world photography.
  • Fully compatible with World Update 7 Australia and meant to be used with it.