Orbx overhauls Auckland’s cityscape in MSFS with striking Landmarks City Pack

Orbx is back with another impressive Landmarks City Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After providing this treatment to some iconic cities all around the world, including Paris, Dubai, Sydney, among others. Now, the Australian studio turns to neighbor New Zealand with a spectacular Landmarks Pack for Auckland that turns this city into an absolute must-visit in MSFS.

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand, located in a stunning bay on the North Island. Its beautiful skyline is famous all over the world, with some iconic buildings grabbing the eye like the Sky Tower, the Auckland Harbour Bridge, and the entire downtown, completely modeled by Orbx in full detail.

This is a truly comprehensive package, with extensive rework of the city and its surroundings. From the most famous buildings in Auckland to the port areas, industrial buildings, cranes and antennas, or the Fergusson container terminal, for more than 100 custom-built buildings, you will have plenty of things to see all around the city.

Orbx took the care to add some special animations in some locations, which help to bring this scenery to life and turn your flights even more interesting. You may be surprised to see some unusual things happening, like people bungee-jumping from the Sky Tower.

Helicopter pilots will be happy to know that there are now several helipads across the scenery, most notably in the ASB Bank Centre, Auckland City Hospital, Mechanics Bay and even on some moored vessels in the port.

As usual in this series of products, Orbx also made extensive enhancements to the area, with new aerial textures and terraforming, improved placement of vegetation and other generic structures, and also much better-looking coastline features, previously covered by water but now exposed for us to see, like mudflats and beaches.

Last but definitely not least, Auckland becomes an entirely new city at night, with beautiful lighting based on real-world photography. A very impressive sight during flights after dusk. And with Flightbeam Studios’ depiction of Auckland Airport soon to be released, this is looking to become of the most stunning locations to fly in Flight Simulator!

Landmarks Auckland City Pack is now available for $13.48 AUD | US$9.97 | €8,61 | £7.27. As a nice added bonus, Orbx is offering a 25% discount if you bundle Landmarks Auckland with NZ Mesh, which improves terrain resolution across the entire country.

Orbx Auckland Landmarks Pack MSFS 1

Orbx Auckland Landmarks Pack MSFS 2

Orbx Auckland Landmarks Pack MSFS 3

Key Features

  • High-detail custom landmarks include Auckland Harbour Bridge, Sky Tower, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Eden Park Stadium, and the entire downtown waterfront between the Ferry Building and Hobson Wharf.
  • More than 100 medium-detail custom buildings showcase the unique architecture of historic and new Auckland.
  • Several buildings with rooftop helipads, with additional landing areas on moored vessels and at the Mechanics Bay heliport.
  • Animated features on both water and land.
  • Custom orthoimagery for downtown Auckland and the entire Waitematā Harbour waterfront.
  • Many enhancements to the city and surrounding areas: improved vegetation and building placements, static boats, vessels, cranes, antennae, etc.
  • Extensive terraforming and shoreline adjustments across the coverage area.
  • Custom night lighting based on real-world photography.