Bonanza Turbo V3 – a free and highly improved mod of the default Bonanza G36

The Bonanza Turbo V3 is a comprehensive remake of the default Beechcraft Bonanza in MSFS, brought to us by the genius of Robert Young, formerly from RealAir, who gave us what is arguably the best general aviation aircraft ever for flight simulation – the Turbine Duke.

Young has been working on the Bonanza Turbo for around 250 hours, recreating the real turbo-normalised Bonanza enjoyed by many owners of the real G36. With greatly improved climb, cruise performance and flight dynamics, the Bonanza Turbo is an absolute blast to fly and a must-have for anyone looking for a finely tuned aircraft for MSFS. And it’s free!

Now in its version 3, with improved lights, engine and a set of new liveries, the Bonanza Turbo converts an already impressive and luxurious aircraft into possibly the most accomplished single piston-engined aircraft with six seats available.

This mod enables the Bonanza to achieve 212 knots (243 mph) at 17,500 ft on cruise power and up to 222 knots (255 mph) on full power! It will climb at 1400 fpm at sea level and has full manifold pressure of 29+ inches all the way up to 18,000 feet. The ceiling is now extended to 25,000 feet.

This is a meticulous project from one of the most respected developers in the flight sim community, who even managed to include detailed documentation with the package, with countless tips on how to get the most out of his creation. An absolute must-have!

The Bonanza Turvo V3 is now available from Nexus Mods and GitHub.

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