Cockspur announces the Citation Mustang for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Cockspur, a new development team dedicated to Microsoft Flight Simulator, has announced the development of a new business airplane for the platform. The Cessna Citation Mustang, a very light jet launched by Cessna about 20 years ago, will be the second airplane from Cockspur, who recently released the Ukrainian Aeroprakt A-22 for MSFS.

The A-22 may have been the first project from Cockspur to hit the market, but the team has much greater ambitions, as we can judge by the announcement that they are now working on a much more complex beast, the Citation Mustang. Older simmers may remember the Flight1 Mustang, from the good old times of FSX, which was one of the finest airplanes of the type on that platform. Cockspur will have to put a great deal of work into their endeavor to make something comparable in terms of quality for Microsoft Flight Simulator, even to compete against the default CJ4, which is widely regarded as one of the best airplanes in the sim when upgraded with Working Title’s excellent mod.

This announcement came through the developer’s newly launched Facebook page, accompanied by a teaser video that already shows a decent model of the Mustang flying in MSFS, shot from a few external angles. Unfortunately, there’s no glimpse into the cockpit yet, but Cockspur does say this will be “coming soon”.

This may be a great new project to follow, as we’re desperately in need of new small business jets in MSFS. The FlightFX HJet (formerly the Hondajet) and the Vision Jet are likely to be out soon, but we have no release date estimate at this moment, so we’ll add the Mustang to our tracking list of aircraft in development for MSFS.

cockspur citation mustang msfs

This news comes shortly after the release of Cockspur’s first airplane for MSFS, the much simpler Aeroprakt A-22-LS. This is a Ukrainian ultralight that comes with two slightly different versions (with or without wheel fairings), the stock G3X display, and what the developers claim to be a “realistic flight model”.

Below is the full feature list of the A-22, which is now available for MSFS through Simmarket, priced at €19.99 + tax. A steep price, in our opinion, for such a simple airplane, but it might still be interesting for those familiar with it.

– 2 versions, with or without wheel-fairings
– G3X display
– Static elements turned on or off using in-cockpit phone
– Switch between ASI units using in-cockpit phone
– Flaperons modeled
– Multiple liveries
– Controller-friendly
– Realistic flight-model based on real-world data
– Easy to master, fun to fly

Cockspur A 22 ultralight MSFS 1

Cockspur A 22 ultralight MSFS 2

Cockspur A 22 ultralight MSFS 3