Just Flight returns with updates on the development of the Fokker F70/100 Professional for MSFS

Now that the Vulcan is out there doing bombing runs and sounding like the absolute unit it is, Just Flight has found the time to deliver a long-awaited development update for their Fokker F70/100 Professional add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s been almost a year since we last heard of this project but Just Flight has reassured the community that the project has been far from stagnant. The team has been diligently working on the F70/100 Professional, making substantial advancements in various aspects of the product.

Enhancements in Modeling, Texturing, and Systems Coding

According to Just Flight, a major focus has been on refining both the interior and exterior modeling and texturing of the aircraft. The development team has also been optimizing performance, ensuring smoother and more efficient operation within MSFS. In tandem, significant progress has been reported in the systems coding, essential for the realistic functioning of the aircraft within the simulator.

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 14.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 12.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 10.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 13.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 11.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 9.PNG

Door Configurations and Virtual Cabins

In this update, Just Flight has highlighted the various door configurations and virtual cabins of the F100. The aircraft will come in four different variants, each with unique door configurations, including both folding and sliding L1 passenger doors with different cargo door sizes, and an additional L2 service door option.

Interactive Cabin Features

Taking a cue from their F28 Professional, the cabin doors in the F100 will be interactable from inside the cabin, with an innovative pushbutton operation for the L1 passenger door. The addition of the L2 service door on some variants offers a new dimension to the cabin layout, complete with an additional cabin attendant position and a small peep-hole window.

Cabin Configuration and Customization

All cabins are designed in a high-density 2+3 configuration, featuring a generic yet customizable decor. Users will have the ability to personalize the cabin through an included paint kit, and Just Flight is also exploring the inclusion of custom cabin color schemes to accompany the product’s liveries.

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 7.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 6.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 5.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 4.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 3.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 2.PNG

Just Flight Fokker F70 100 MSFS 1.PNG

Music Reproducer and Future Plans

A notable feature from the F28, the music reproducer, is set to be a highlight in the F100 as well, with Just Flight planning to enhance this feature beyond its implementation in the F28. While currently in the basic modeling stage, the team promises exciting developments for this aspect in the coming months.

Looking Ahead

With the cabin models and door configurations now integrated into the simulator, the focus shifts to refining these elements, including the cabin lighting. These enhancements will subsequently be implemented into the F70 variant.

The team at Just Flight seems committed to delivering another high-fidelity and immersive classic airliner simulation for MSFS simmers with the F70/100 Professional. We should start to hear more about this project as the team shifts focus toward its completion, which is currently aimed for the first quarter of 2024.