DC Designs shows off the F-4J Phantom in Microsoft Flight Simulator

DC Designs recently launched the Harrier II for MSFS, continuing their line of fighter jets for the platform (with a short detour into the civilian market). Dean Crawford and Co. and now gearing up for the next release, which is set to be the iconic F-4J Phantom.

The developer has recently provided a few development updates concerning this project, detailing the progress with the modeling and texturing in this early stage of the project. There isn’t much to learn in terms of features at this point, but the Phantom is starting to look the part, so this is a good opportunity to see the first preview images of the aircraft in more detail!

So far, DC Designs has only shared a few external shots of the legendary F-4, presenting the familiar looks of the supersonic jet fighter and offering a glimpse into the quality standard DC Designs is aiming for here.

DC Designs F 4J Phantom MSFS 5

DC Designs F 4J Phantom MSFS 4

DC Designs F 4J Phantom MSFS 3

DC Designs F 4J Phantom MSFS 2

Obviously, it’s still too early to make any judgments as the developer continues hard at work, but the Phantom looks very good in this early stage, arguably better than other airplanes from the developer’s past efforts. The decals and textures look great in these images, which seem to go along with the developer’s previous promises of increased visual fidelity in future projects.

The sound pack for the Phantom will be developed by Sim Acoustics, initially for the J-79 turbojet engines, to be followed by the Rolls Royce Spey engine, which should come with an update after the product launches.

DC Designs F 4J Phantom MSFS 1

DC Designs doesn’t provide any release timeline for this project, but it’s safe to say this is squarely a 2023 project, most likely to be out during Q1, based on the developer’s previous history. In the meantime, we should continue to get new updates from the developer as the project moves through.

If case the F-4 is not your cup of tea, and you’d rather wait for whatever comes next from DC Designs, just wait a few days for the planned 2023 roadmap from the developer, which should provide a clear indication of what’s coming next year. The SU-27 and the A-10C Warthog are likely to make an appearance, but a few surprises may be in store for us. Stay tuned for more details next week!