The DC Designs Harrier II ‘Jump Jet’ is now out for Microsoft Flight Simulator

DC Designs has just released today their latest military aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time it’s the unique Harrier II to get a virtual representation in MSFS, with full VTOL capabilities, a native model, realistic lighting, and more!

DC Designs has been working on this project for a while, looking to expand the studio’s fleet of military jets for MSFS. This list already included aircraft such as the F-14 and the F-15 and is now augmented with the admittedly very cool Harrier II.

This new aircraft comes with the typical DC Designs product standards, which essentially means that it should be an accessible aircraft for the average simmer who wishes to have some fun. While many of the systems are replicated with a reasonable amount of depth, the overall experience should be fairly light and easy.

This should also apply to the visuals of the aircraft, which should look realistic but not to a very high level of detail and fidelity. Probably not the prettiest, but surely well-optimized and light on resources, which is always welcomed by those with slower systems.

Still, DC Designs promises an aircraft with plenty of smooth animations, interactive checklists, VR support, and a few additional bells and whistles. Simmers will also find a custom-coded vertical take-off and landing system that should be plenty of fun to use. Besides, this was done with Xbox compatibility in mind, for those who wish to fly this iconic airplane on the console.

The DC Designs Harrier II is now available! A Marketplace release is also set to happen soon, once some platform issues on Microsoft’s side have been resolved.

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