LatinVFR launches Airport Regional Environment X for Asia-Pacific

LatinVFR continues to expand its AREX product series, which replaces the default ground service vehicles in Flight Simulator with more realistic ones, relevant to each respective region. After first releasing AREX for Europe and North America, LatinVFR is now launching Airport Regional Environment X for the Asia and Pacific region.

As we’ve seen with previous releases, this add-on brings customized ground vehicles to airports in this region, based on their location. These include the logos of the most known handling and catering companies. Because it would be a daunting task to have specific vehicles for each airport (which is something airport developers already do), LatinVFR focuses on a few sub-regions, so that you’re more likely to see accurate vehicles around each of these smaller regions, instead of seeing ANA catering trucks in Australian for instance.

There are 8 of these customised sub-regions in AREX Asia-pacific: Asia Indian, Asia cold/dry, Asia Industrial, Asia Central, Tropics Asian, Australia Red, Australia, and Tropics Pacific. Note that, for some reason, New Zealand hasn’t been included in this pack at this moment, but this could change in a future update.

LatinVFR AREX Asia Pacific MSFS 5

LatinVFR AREX Asia Pacific MSFS 4

LatinVFR AREX Asia Pacific MSFS 3

LatinVFR AREX Asia Pacific MSFS 1

In the end, the result is a more realistic environment in each default airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. And this all comes with no performance impact, no external applications, and completely integrated with the stock ground services call-outs. It’s just so much better to see a realistic pushback truck that actually feels like it belongs on that airport, instead of a generic white truck!

Airport Regional Environment X Asia-Pacific is now available for MSFS, setting you back just $8.49.