LatinVFR releases Airport Regional Environment X Europe

LatinVFR, who you probably know more about from their work on custom airports for flight simulation, have released a new iteration of their Airport Regional Environment X (AREX) series. After the launch of AREX North America last February, the studio is now releasing a new version dedicated to the Old Continente: AREX Europe.

LatinVFR’s goal with AREX is to provide a more immersive experience in all those default airports that are not yet customized by a third-party developer. AREX replaces the stock vehicles in all airports with new ones that better match the specific region they are in, so that you will feel right at home when requesting some kind of ground services.

With AREX Europe you will find that ground vehicles now have logos that represent well-known handling and catering companies throughout Europe, which have been implemented according to 7 separate European regions: Artic, UK, France, Mediterranean West, Central Europe/Germany, Mediterranean East, and Russia.

AREX Europe MSFS 5
AREX Europe MSFS 5
AREX Europe MSFS 4
AREX Europe MSFS 4
AREX Europe MSFS 1
AREX Europe MSFS 1

In the end, you will see a better and more appropriate representation of ground services across all European airports, relevant to each specific region. There may be some less than ideal scenarios though, considering that AREX separates Europe by regions and not specific countries, which may lead to seeing Italian-looking vehicles in Spanish airports, for instance. In either case, the overall experience should be significantly better than with the stock models. Additionally, AREX includes custom sounds and animations for the different vehicles and services.

Note that you can still use the default system for calling ground services. AREX doesn’t change the system in away, instead providing just a visual overhaul that should be compatible with all airports, without a negative impact on performance.

LatinVFR’s AREX Europe is now available for MSFS, and will set you back just $8.49.

AREX Europe MSFS 2

Key features:

  • Replacement of ground services vehicles with customized and more realistic for the region at ALL airports in all Europe.
  • Customized sounds of the different engines and animation situations.
  • 7 regions of Europe independently customized, Artic, the UK, France, Mediterranean West, Central Europe/ Germanic, Mediterranean East, and Russia.
  • Different logos for the companies that provide airport services in Europe.
  • Realistic catering truck used in the regions, with the logos of the most important airport catering companies.
  • Customized push back truck depicting regional companies.
  • Customized and regional types of vehicle traffic, that make the airport environment more realistic and according to vehicles used in the region.
  • Uses the default system of calling ground services, no external apps or files needed.
  • No negative impact on performance.

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