Impulse Simulations releases Adelaide International Airport for MSFS

Our Australian readers are a lucky bunch, always getting very high-quality scenery add-ons in Flight Simulator. And well deserved, because Australia is a striking country full of things to see, with incredible landscapes and destinations to visit. Orbx has naturally been a well-established developer for years, with countless products for the Land Down Under, but other developers have also raised the bar with detailed scenery, such as AUScene, among others. Now it’s Impulse Simulations that tries to join the pack, with the release of an impressive-looking recreation of Adelaide International Airport (YPAD) for MSFS.

Adelaide Airport is currently the 5th busiest airport in Australia, now handling more than 8 million passengers each year. It serves mostly domestic flights to Melbourne, Sidney, Perth or Brisbane, but also some international destinations like Dubai and Singapore.

Impulse Simulations are promising a virtual rendition of YPAD as never before seen on any flight simulation platform. The developers worked to meticulously recreate the airport and its surrounding buildings, extending their attention to the interiors too.

With more than 15.000 (!) hand-placed objects, custom animations, detailed terminal and tower interiors, and static aircraft, Adelaide Airport is brought up to a very high level, making for a perfect combination with Orbx’s Adelaide Landmarks.

Also, with the nearby Parafield and Aldinga Airports from AUScene, you have a series of high-quality add-ons that greatly increase the experience of flying in and around Adelaide, exploring the beautiful Aussie scenery for a long time to come!

Adelaide International Airport (YPAD) from Impulse Simulations is now available for $29.95.

Main features:

15,000+ Hand Placed Objects
Full PBR Texturing
Custom Animations
Animated Jetways
Improved Vegetation and Grass
50+ Custom Assets
15cm Custom Orthoimagery
Replicated Terminal Interior
Detailed Static Aircraft
Custom Taxiway Decals
Realistic Ground / Apron Texturing
Realistic Night Lighting
Compatible with Orbx Landmarks Adelaide, AUScene Parafield & Aldinga Airports