FS2Crew releases Pushback Express for MSFS (update: now with voice control)

30 OCTOBER 2020 – Version 1.2 Released!  Includes a new “VOICE CONTROL” interface option!

The latest version of Pushback Express brings a beloved feature to this handy tool by FS2Crew. Now you can use voice commands for pushback commands, bringing an even higher level of realism. Supported languages are English, French, German and Spanish. Be aware that you will need to uninstall previous version before installing this new v1.2, in order to avoid issues. Pushback Express is available for $24.54.

Original article below

FS2Crew has released Pushback Express for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. This useful new tool will allow you to perform more realistic pushbacks with any aircraft. For the dev team this is the “first and last pushback system you’ll ever need”.

Pushback Express features other abilities like towing, push and pull, and even the ability to see-drive the tug, allowing for custom routes to be taken. Several international voice sets for ground crew and pilots are included, with more coming in the future.

Pushback Express is available for $24.54. Here’s a rundown of the main features:

  • Option to steer the tug manually (essentially, create your own custom route).
  • Works with any type of aircraft (Airline to GA).
  • Ability to “Push and Pull” the aircraft to the desired spot.  
  • Towing (requires users to steer the tug).
  • Pre-flight events with automatic jetway/door control.
  • Works at all airports.
  • International voice sets.
  • Built in tool-tips makes learning the software super easy.
  • And more!


  • American
  • British
  • Australian
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Asian
  • More will be added!