SLH Designs is Selling 10 Airports in the Caribbean for only $20

Here’s an enticing deal that arrives just in time for those exploring the newly upgraded Caribbean region in Microsoft Flight Simulator. SLH Designs is offering a fantastic bundle of 10 airports in this region for just $20!

World Update 16 was released just a few days ago, and it brought numerous improvements to the Caribbean region in Microsoft Flight Simulator (aside from some water masking issues, which the team is currently addressing). The update also introduced 7 custom airports designed by Gaya, offering a diverse array of detailed destinations for plotting flight plans.

If you’re looking to expand your collection of custom airports in this region, without any overlap with those included in the World Update, SLH Design’s bundle is perfect for you. The 10 included airports are scattered across the islands and are nicely detailed, featuring good textures and even modeled interiors.

SLH Designs Caribbean Airports 5

SLH Designs Caribbean Airports 1.png

SLH Designs Caribbean Airports 2.png

SLH Designs Caribbean Airports 4.png

SLH Designs Caribbean Airports 3.png

Here’s the full list:

Priced individually, the total cost would amount to $127.50, making this bundle an excellent deal at just $20. Alongside the 7 airports included in the World Update, this bundle offers a very impressive variety of airports that should make your exploration of the islands even more interesting.

This limited-time offer is available through Contrail and SLH Designs’ website.

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