FlyLogic’s Samedan Airport is a stunning rendition of one of the highest airports in Europe

FlyLogic, a developer whose contributions to Swiss airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator have certainly caught our attention in the past, has released an impressive new scenery package for one of Switzerland’s most interesting airports: LSZS Samedan. It looks incredible and is definitely poised to give Orbx’s version a run for its money!

FlyLogic’s Samedan Airport is a VFR airport with IFR traffic, located in a high alpine mountain landscape. The airport is unique for its high-altitude location, making it one of the highest in Europe. This presents unique challenges for both pilots and aircraft, requiring special instructions for approach and departure as well as important considerations regarding aircraft performance at high altitudes.

Samedan LSZS FLylogic MSFS 4

The airport sees heightened activity during the winter season, as numerous private jets bring in wealthy clientele eager to enjoy the alpine slopes of Saint Moritz and other popular nearby destinations. It also serves as a hub for gliding traffic, parachuting, and other aerial sports. The airfield is open year-round during daytime and features customs clearance and a hangar. Interestingly, the runway is long enough to accommodate larger aircraft like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.


  • All airfield buildings and the floor layout are designed realistically and in great detail based on current image material
  • High-resolution PBR textures, mostly 2048×2048 pixels
  • Gates of Hangar 2 open at 9am and close at 6pm
  • Detailed interior in Hangar 2 with static aircraft
  • Realistic building lighting in the dark
  • LOD’s for 3D models and textures for optimal running speed (frame rate)
  • Collision detection for all buildings and larger objects
  • The Rhaetian Railway of the Albula line runs in the south-west approach area
  • Animated people
  • Windsocks indicate wind strength and direction
  • Umbrellas in the airport restaurant are open or closed depending on the season
  • Buildings in the vicinity, such as a riding stable with horses in the paddock, farms, etc.
  • Goods handling and ABVO with buildings, loading crane and goods wagons
  • Compatible with the current version of Flight Simulator for PC and Xbox
  • Note: The runway and taxiways have no lighting, only PAPI’s on both sides
  • German manual – Manuel en français – English manual

The promo materials of this airport reveal a simply remarkable scenery brimming with details. Impeccable modeling and texturing are seen throughout, as well as plenty of cool animations – including a rail line – nearby buildings, farms, and lots of additional details. Make sure to watch the beautiful trailer video from Aviation Lads to get a good idea of the visual qualities of this package!

FlyLogic is no stranger to Swiss airports. Their portfolio includes other stunning and challenging airfields like Locarno Airport, Langenthal Airport, Triengen Airfield, and Grenchen Airport. Each of these airports offers a unique flying experience, capturing the essence of Switzerland’s diverse and picturesque landscapes.

Samedan LSZS FLylogic MSFS 2

Given Samedan’s unique allure, it’s no surprise that we’ve been fortunate to see multiple high-quality renditions for MSFS. Orbx’s version has been the best so far, offering a similarly highly detailed and realistic experience. However, FlyLogic’s rendition appears to have a slight edge, particularly in terms of level of detail and additional features. While Orbx’s scenery includes nearby villages and iconic hotels and churches, FlyLogic’s version goes the extra mile with features like animated people, seasonal changes, and an overall very authentic atmosphere.

If you have a penchant for Swiss landscapes and challenging flying conditions, this scenery is definitely for you. FlyLogic’s consistent quality and attention to detail make them a go-to developer for anyone looking to explore the Swiss skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

FlyLogic’s LSZS Samedan Airport is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at just around €15.00 on the Aerosoft store.

Samedan LSZS FLylogic MSFS 1

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