SimWorks Studios is wrapping up the Pilatus PC-12 for MSFS

If you’ve been following our coverage on SimWorks Studios’ PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you know that this project has been a labor of love for the team that brought us the remarkable Kodiak 100. This project has been under the spotlight for its meticulous attention to detail and the promise of a highly realistic flight experience. The latest update from the development team indicates that the aircraft is just in its final days of development and is finally expected to be sent to Pilatus for review by the end of next week!

Before we dive into the latest developments, it’s worth revisiting the progress made over the past few months. In June, SimWorks Studios reported significant advancements in the aircraft’s systems, including the completion of the electrical systems and nearly finished interior modeling and lighting.

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 4

By August, the team had resolved most lingering issues and was optimistic about the aircraft’s readiness for manufacturer approval, despite some delays due to unforeseen challenges. The August update also mentioned that all systems were complete, with only minor aesthetic and functional elements pending in the avionics. The exterior model was essentially complete, and the team was in the process of enhancing the interior textures.

The latest update reveals that the interior textures are now 99% complete, with only the addition of passengers and cargo remaining. The exterior isn’t being left behind either; it’s set to receive some additional polish, particularly in the shading department. They’re also teasing the possibility of adding “some cool new things,” so keep your eyes peeled for that.

As for the aircraft’s systems, they are now nearly complete, with only 3-4 minor items pending. One of the most challenging features for the team to implement has been the ITT simulation. For example, the aircraft will be ITT-limited after 12,000 feet, requiring simmers to gradually reduce power to avoid exceeding 760°C. This is just one aspect of the realistic engine simulation SWS has built for its PC-12.

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 2

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 1

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 3

The avionics are also in their final stages, with all functionalities built in. The avionics suite has been a year-long endeavor for the team. They’ve essentially built it from scratch and the team will spend next week ironing out the last known bugs and refining the EFIS coloration.

On the flight model front, the team is planning one final tweak to the flaps. After that, it’s over to the test pilots for the final green light. On the sound front, the team is waiting for other elements to be finalized to complete the sound package, particularly the 4-blade propeller sounds. But they already shared a great preview of the beta range sounds on the PC-12:

And with that, the SimWorks Studios PC-12 is shaping up to be another phenomenal addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

SWS set the bar high with the Kodiak 100 and its subsequent updates, so expectations are naturally high for the PC-12, which is in itself a highly regarded airplane in the world of aviation. Its versatility, performance, and reliability enable it to handle a variety of roles, from executive transport to cargo and even medical evacuation. And its ability to land on short and unprepared runways makes it a favorite among pilots who need to get into hard-to-reach places. The PC-12 is a jack-of-all-trades, and having this aircraft in the sim will open up a plethora of flying opportunities! We can’t wait!