SimWorks Studios’ PC-12 is almost ready for manufacturer’s review

SimWorks Studios is nearing the release of their eagerly awaited new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator: the PC-12, developed in collaboration with Pilatus. After providing consistent development updates over recent months, SWS has shared that the PC-12 is almost ready for Pilatus’ review. Only a few lingering issues remain, which the team plans to address later this month after their summer break.

Although SWS had initially hoped to have the PC-12 ready for manufacturer approval by now, unforeseen development challenges led to delays. While they aren’t quite set to send the PC-12 to Pilatus yet, the overall news is optimistic. Keep an eye out for a new development video scheduled for release on Friday, September 18th. This video will cover the team’s visit to Fly 7 Executive Aviation SA in Lausanne, Switzerland, providing insights from their interactions with the firm’s fleet of Pilatus PC-12s.

Simworks studios pc 12 msfs 5

For now, here’s how the development of the PC-12 is standing in the key areas of the product:

  • Aircraft Systems: All systems are now complete. The team is optimistic that no major issues will arise unless testers find something unexpected. A notable issue was identified with the condition lever on the Xbox version, but the cause is known and will be rectified before the plane’s console release.
  • Flight Model: The team is still fine-tuning the flaps. They’ve previously mentioned challenges with achieving accurate flap behavior in MSFS, so they’re striving to strike the right balance.
  • Avionics: Mostly complete, with only minor aesthetic and functional elements pending. Features like the WX/PLAN mode on the HSI and the KMD850 will be introduced in a future patch.
  • Exterior Model: This is complete, with just a few “useless but cool details” left to add.
  • Interior Model: The team is enhancing the textures, with an expected completion in the first week of September.
  • Sounds: The 5-bladed version is complete, and the 4-bladed version will be finalized after the summer break.

In previous updates, SimWorks Studios showcased the avionics systems of the PC-12, emphasizing their dedication to delivering an immersive and accurate experience for simmers. This was evident in their detailed avionics systems, which were still in the development phase at the time.

The team had also made significant strides with the exterior model showcasing intricate details like base materials, liveries, flap animations, chocks, and reds. The cockpit was also receiving attention, with materials being applied and the interior made customizable for repainters.

Simworks studios pc 12 msfs 4

Simworks studios pc 12 msfs 2

Simworks studios pc 12 msfs 1

More recently, in June, the team reported major advancements with the PC-12’s systems. The EADI and EHSI in the cockpit were operational, and 90% of the interior textures were in place. Night lighting was being integrated, and the exterior lighting was fully functional, albeit with a few quirks.

It’s always encouraging when a development project receives the endorsement of a real-world airplane manufacturer, as is the case with the SWS PC-12. The team previously collaborated with Daher for the Kodiak 100, which was a resounding success. We’re hopeful that Pilatus will find this rendition of its esteemed turboprop up to their standards!

Stay tuned for further news from SimWorks Studios later this month. Until then, enjoy the latest preview images shared by the team.