PMDG reveals progress on the 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Editor’s note: For the lack of a better alternative, all the images in this article depict P3D’s version of the PMDG 777.

It’s no secret that PMDG’s next big release for Microsoft Flight Simulator is a mighty wide-body airliner, the Boeing 777, which will be the third major project from the team following the excellent DC-6 and 737NG Series. While maintenance work on those projects remains, in constant pursuit of stability and quality-of-life improvements (of which the much-lauded EFB is an integral part and is expected to be released within weeks), the development focus is now on the 777. And it all seems to be going well for the team, who are even starting to mention going into beta in the foreseeable future!

As usual writing on PMDG’s forums, founder Robert Randazzo offered a comprehensive insight into the current stage of the much-anticipated Boeing 777 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Fine-tuning Flight Systems and Model

Randazzo highlighted that the team is currently focused on perfecting the fly-by-wire system for the 777. This involves rigorous data collection within MSFS, ensuring that the aircraft’s performance matches the official curves across various flight scenarios. Encouragingly, the meticulous process appears to be bearing fruit. “Testing is going exceedingly well,” Randazzo noted, attributing the success to the comprehensive refactoring done over the past year. The outcome? A 777 that “flies appropriately, like a 777.”

PMDG 777 P3D 2

Delving deeper, Randazzo revealed that flight deck integration is advancing steadily. The majority of the detailed work is complete, and the team is now focused on verifying switch functions, system controls, and other refinements. A significant upgrade has been given to the displays, now utilizing MSFS’s superior rendering engine to enhance fidelity.

System integration is proceeding smoothly, with numerous minor glitches being rectified. The team is also ensuring compliance with service bulletins and addressing specific airworthiness directives for the aircraft.

On the visual front, Randazzo shared that the external model animations have been revamped. But it’s not just the exterior that’s getting all the love. “The cabin details are being added,” Randazzo shared with palpable excitement, “and I must say the interior is beginning to look exquisite.”

Everything seems to be moving forward smoothly with the 777, so much so that the team is already discussing the possibility of entering a beta testing stage for the product. Expect to see the first images of the PMDG 777 soon!

PMDG 777 P3D 3

PMDG’s Future Growth and Strategy

Randazzo also touched on the broader strategy for PMDG going forward. Recognizing past challenges from the shrinking Prepar3D/FSX markets, the company has strategically pivoted towards MSFS, culminating in rapid growth in terms of capabilities and product development speed.

Throughout the coming year, the flight sim community can expect a slew of new products, tools, and innovative concepts from PMDG. Much of this, Randazzo hinted, is happening behind the scenes, with the founder preferring to showcase tangible results rather than mere promises. The recent hiring of Mathijs Kok, the legendary Aerosoft Product Manager responsible for coordinating the development of the CRJ, Twin Otter, and A330 (until the time of his departure last month) is certainly a step towards building that foundation for PMDG’s future.

These are indeed great news from PMDG, especially regarding the future of the company, which will hopefully result in more products being released with the team’s high-fidelity seal. Exciting times ahead for PMDG!