The PMDG DC-6 finally returns to the Xbox MSFS Marketplace

PPMDG has announced the highly anticipated return of the PMDG DC-6 to the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for Xbox users. This comes nearly 18 months after the aircraft’s initial release attempt on Xbox in November 2021, which was subsequently removed due to technical issues.

Customers who purchased the DC-6 during the short-lived November 2021 release can now rejoice, as the aircraft is live once again in their MSFS on Xbox. Naturally, those who accepted the refund offer back then will need to repurchase the aircraft.

This launch was made possible by the recent introduction of WASM support on Xbox, which enables complex systems and avionics to be faithfully reproduced on the console—a necessary feature for many highly-detailed aircraft to run smoothly. As a result of this change, we are now witnessing a steady influx of stunning new aircraft releases in the Marketplace, such as the DC-6 today.

PMDG DC 6 MSFS Marketplace 2

PMDG’s meticulously crafted simulation of the DC-6 is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing the most authentic flight experiences possible. The aircraft boasts an impressively detailed 3D model, a fully functional virtual cockpit, realistic flight dynamics, and comprehensive systems simulations.

The return of the PMDG DC-6 to the MSFS Marketplace for Xbox marks an exciting milestone for simmers who fly on their consoles, providing them with the opportunity to pilot a historically significant aircraft and one of the most advanced yet to reach the platform.

Following this launch, PMDG is now free to proceed with the 737’s release in the Marketplace, which should begin to roll out next week!