The SWS PC-12 gets previewed in great detail, launch happening within a few weeks

We’ve followed with great attention the slow upbringing of SimWorks Studios’ latest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the PC-12. Following an increasing number of previews over the last few weeks and months, the culmination of the pre-release preview materials arrived this week with an in-depth live preview from our friend Twotonemurphy, who alongside SWS’s developers introduced us to the intricacies of this brilliant airplane and how it’s coming to life for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The SWS team present at the stream, consisting of Alex, Yuri, and Gabriel, shared their experiences, challenges, and the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into the development of this aircraft.

Alex explained that the Pilatus PC-12 was chosen as a natural follow-up to their Kodiak 100. The team had already developed the G1000 avionics for the Kodiak, and they wanted to build their own avionics for the PC-12. However, they quickly realized that the PC-12 was far more complex than they had initially thought, comparing its systems to those of an airliner.

During the development process, the team had the unique opportunity to train on a real PC-12 simulator, which turned out to be a revelation. This hands-on experience provided invaluable insights into the aircraft’s behavior and systems, proving that manufacturer POHs often tell only a small part of the story when it comes to operating an airplane.

Now, despite being nine months behind schedule, the team is confident that the setbacks will result in a more authentic and high-quality product. For example, Yuri, responsible for systems and avionics, elaborated on the painstaking efforts to replicate the PC-12’s systems as closely as possible. From custom fonts to intricate animations, every detail has been considered. The avionics suite is built using the latest version of the Flight Simulator SDK, ensuring optimal performance without compromising on functionality.

SWS PC 12 MSFS twotonemurphy

The whole video is well worth a look if you have any kind of interest in the PC-12. It’s our best look into this project yet and offers a sneak peek into many key areas such as the visuals, systems, avionics, nice features, and the spectacular soundscape provided by that mighty Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine!

Once it’s out, the SWS PC-12 will be priced at around 30 Euros and will include three different interior configurations. While the team is counting days to completion, the final release date is contingent on approval from Pilatus. Launch is expected within the next few weeks, first for PC, and later for the Xbox crowd.