Watch BeyondATC doing its magic in the European airspace

BeyondATC continues to set high expectations for its promise of being an all-encompassing, highly realistic ATC and AI traffic solution for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After hiring a key asset that will enable BeyondATC to fulfill its plans to control both ATC and AI traffic ahead of the scheduled roadmap, the development team is now focused on rebuilding the entire software from the ground up to accommodate all the exciting features that promise to completely revolutionize air traffic control in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Following a series of impressive preview videos showcasing BeyondATC in action, the team returned this weekend with another excellent preview, this time exemplifying the utility’s ability to handle European traffic as well as we’ve seen it do in the United States. On a flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam, we get to see how different the air traffic control phraseology is in Europe compared to the US, which is a big deal!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. BeyondATC is powered by an advanced vectoring system, developed in consultation with real-life air traffic controllers, that uses a mathematical algorithm to guide aircraft along dynamic vectoring paths. This ensures that planes approach the airport at just the right angles and distances, adhering to real-world guidelines.

But the real magic happens with the AI traffic control. The new architecture is designed to handle hundreds of AI aircraft at the same time, treating your plane as just another cog in the machine. In fact, BeyondATC will not distinguish your flight from any other AI one, so don’t expect any kind of special treatment. Just like in the real world!

Looking ahead, BeyondATC has big plans. The next major step is to inject AI traffic into the simulation. They believe that to offer a truly authentic ATC experience, they need to control every aspect of the simulation, including all AI traffic. And with a new team member, who came from the FSLTL project and brings years of experience in AI aircraft control, they’re more than equipped to pull it off.

So, there you have it. BeyondATC’s latest preview is another exciting early look into the exciting capabilities of this software that promises to offer a significant leap forward in flight simulation. Let’s see how things continue to evolve ahead of the planned release date in 2024. As always, we’ll keep you posted!