(Released!) FS Academy introduces “COMMANDER”, a training module for MSFS with 12 highly challenging scenarios

September 15th – FS Academy’s latest training module for MSFS is now available! Test your skills across 12 challenging scenarios that include a recreation of the “Miracle on the Hudson”, an engine loss over the Alps, dealing with severe icing, and more. Commander is out now in the Marketplace (PC and Xbox) and third-party stores. Learn more below!

Flight simulation has long been a playground for both aviation enthusiasts and professional pilots looking to hone their skills. FS Academy has been doing its part in Microsoft Flight Simulator with a comprehensive range of training missions that have taught many simmers things like VFR and IFR flying or how to fly the big jets.

Now, the developer is taking this experience to new heights with the introduction of “COMMANDER,” a comprehensive training module that aims to equip MSFS simmers with the skills and knowledge to handle a wide array of challenging and authentic scenarios, from emergency landings to system malfunctions.


FS Academy COMMANDER is designed by a real airline Captain and hopes to provide simmers with a robust framework of skills that will come in handy when a failure or emergency arrives. These are skills that, when acquired, will be universally applicable and will stay with you throughout your flying career!

COMMANDER will essentially put you into several highly challenging scenarios where you’ll need to tackle everything from engine failures to hazardous weather conditions, offering a real-world approach to problem-solving in the cockpit. You will even have the chance to relive the events of US Airways Flight 1549, the “Miracle on the Hudson”, and experience for yourself the time-critical decision-making that was required of the famous crew commanding that Airbus A320.

FS Academy Commander MSFS 5

COMMANDER comes with 12 challenging scenarios, ranging from the aforementioned recreation of US Airways Flight 1549, to a heart-pounding scenario where your engine fails over the Isle of Wight, or a situation where you’ll learn how to manage your aircraft’s electrical systems to conserve battery life, ensuring you’re not plunged into darkness before landing. The full list of missions is already available on FS Academy’s website.

To supplement the in-sim experience, COMMANDER comes with a complete ground school manual. This manual covers a range of topics to boost your background knowledge, preparing you for the challenges you’ll face in the virtual skies.

FS Academy Commander MSFS 4

FS Academy Commander MSFS 2

Commander is out now for MSFS via Aerosoft, Orbx, and Just Flight’s web stores.

It will also soon be available on the MSFS Marketplace under the Activities – Training section for both PC and Xbox users, along with the rest of the FS ACADEMY series.