Black Square’s TBM 850 releases in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Black Square is back with another airplane that promises to jump straight into the top league of the best GA aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The TBM 850, which is being touted as highly detailed and technically advanced aircraft simulation, is an entirely new project, an evolution of the previous Steam Gauge Overhaul Series from Black Square that introduced in-depth systems and avionics into some of the default Asobo general-aviation airplanes.

Black Square’s TBM 850 is launching as a comprehensive simulation experience of the popular high-performance turboprop. It features nearly 100 possible failures, including new turbine engine failures, hot-swappable radio configurations, and the most advanced pressurization and cabin temperature simulations in MSFS. The failure system allows for persistent wear, Mean Time Between Failures, and scheduled failures for nearly every component in the aircraft. This means you can experience real-world failures like generator failure, propeller governor failure, fuel control failure, and compressor surging.

Black Square TBM 850 MSFS 7

This TBM 850 stunning analog cockpit comes with 3D gauges that are meticulously modeled to match their real-world counterparts, with reference to actual manuals. The aircraft offers radio navigation systems from several eras, so you can fly with or without GPS. The avionics suite includes a Bendix KNS-80 RNAV system, Garmin GTN 750, EFS 40 EADI & EHSI, KX-155 NAV/COM radios, dual GNS 530, KR 87 ADF, KDI 572 DME, GTX 327 Transponder, and a Bendix RDR1150XL Weather Radar. A 100+ page manual and 55 in-game checklists are included to guide you through both normal and emergency procedures.

The aircraft panel configuration primarily features analogue instrumentation augmented with modern radio navigation equipment. This setup challenges your piloting skills, especially when flying IFR to minimums with a fully analogue panel and no GPS. The level of skill and proficiency you can achieve will not only be rewarding but also beneficial for your overall flying experience in MSFS.

Black Square TBM 850 MSFS 9

Black Square TBM 850 MSFS 6

Black Square TBM 850 MSFS 5

Black Square TBM 850 MSFS 4

Black Square TBM 850 MSFS 3

Black Square TBM 850 MSFS 1

Black Square’s TBM 850 will challenge you with unapologetically realistic systems such as improved turbine dynamics, gyroscope physics simulation, a completely interactive electrical system with 15 buses and 85+ circuits, and a cabin environmental control system. Over 600 checklist items are provided for 55 normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures. The sound package is a highly customized version of the MSFS-native 3D TBM 930 sound package, with many new handmade sounds added for warnings, environmental control systems, electronics, and more.

A new for Black Square’s products is an aircraft modeled with extreme attention to detail, created from hundreds of reference photos and technical documentation. The flight dynamics are based on real TBM 850 in-flight data, and the performance matches POH (Pilot’s Operating Handbook) values within 2%. The aircraft comes with seven paint schemes and two interior schemes, adding to the level of customization.

Black Square TBM 850 MSFS 2

The Black Square TBM 850 is priced at $41.99 through Just Flight’s website (Marketplace and Xbox versions will follow later) and promises to offer a remarkable level of realism and technical sophistication. It’s one for the enthusiasts who love to dive deep into an airplane and learn all there is to know about it. Just Flight has a series of videos that introduce many of the TBM 850’s key features, and we also recommend you check out the detailed first look from 737NG/A330 Driver for a comprehensive look into all this airplane has to offer.