Just Flight’s excellent Piper fleet is now available for Xbox in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just Flight has announced that their highly acclaimed PA-28R Arrow III, PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV, and PA-28-161 Warrior II are now finally available for Xbox simmers in Microsoft Flight Simulator. More than two years since the first Piper was released for PC, the Arrow III, Just Flight has finally managed to get its popular family of GA aircraft on the consoles, following the recent introduction of WASM support on the Xbox platform.

The PA-28R Arrow III is a highly detailed and realistic simulation of the popular general aviation aircraft. Based on a real-world aircraft located at Conington Airfield, this aircraft features an impressive interior and exterior model, high-resolution 4096×4096 textures, PBR materials, and realistic sounds. The Arrow III comes with 11 liveries, representing aircraft from various countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Australia, and Germany. It is fully functional for IFR and is perfect for those looking to enjoy and learn within Microsoft Flight Simulator.

just flight pipers msfs

The PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV came a couple of months after the Arrow III and built upon the success of that release with a more powerful, turbocharged engine. It features a new engine cowling, a sportier T-tail, and a cleaner beige cockpit due to the primarily private ownership of Turbo Arrows. The Turbo Arrows have different engine notes, cockpit sounds, and flight characteristics compared to the non-turbocharged Arrow III. The turbocharged engine also provides improved performance at higher altitudes, and the added weight creates a distinct flight experience, particularly with the T-tail design. With the Turbo Arrow III and IV, pilots must carefully manage the engine to prevent failure, simulating realistic aircraft operation.

The PA-28-161 Warrior II was Just Flight’s latest addition to the PA-28 family. Also based on research with a real-world aircraft (G-BOZI) at Conington Airfield, the Warrior II features highly detailed visuals and a deep, comprehensive simulation of its systems. The Warrior II is similar to the Arrow III but is slower, simpler, and behaves differently due to its distinct characteristics. Many pilots trained on the Warrior II, making it an attractive virtual option in Microsoft Flight Simulator for those familiar with the real-world aircraft.

All of these airplanes were recently updated with important improvements to the flight model, enhanced EFB functionality, compatibility with the latest avionics systems, and the much-needed compatibility with the Xbox that is now coming to fruition. These updates ensure that Just Flight’s PA-28 fleet remains at the forefront of the GA flight simulation experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator, providing an engaging, authentic, and realistic experience for simmers on all platforms.

The PA-28R Arrow III, PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV, and PA-28-161 Warrior II are now available for Xbox through the in-sim Marketplace, all priced at $49.99. A bundle is also available with all the Arrow variants at $64.99.