SimWorks Studios nears completion of Pilatus PC-12 for MSFS

SimWorks Studios (SWS) has provided an extensive update on the long-awaited Pilatus PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, sharing new images and in-depth information on the completed exterior model, the customizable interior, and the near-final avionics system. The team has faced numerous personal setbacks throughout the development process but is now nearing the “finish line” as they work on refining the aircraft to set a new benchmark for SWS products.

The exterior model, now complete, showcases the aircraft’s base materials, liveries, flap animations, chocks, and reds. SWS has paid particular attention to the finer details, ensuring that the PC-12 is as true-to-life as possible. The team is considering animating the de-icing boots, dependent on the required effects work. The final step will be the decals pass, where rivets and stencils will be applied to the aircraft, adding yet another layer of realism to the virtual model.

In the cockpit, painters are working on applying materials, and SWS has made the interior customizable for repainters. This will allow easy customization of interior finishes, such as wood, carpet, and other materials, without having to repaint the entire aircraft. This level of customization offers livery creators the opportunity to tailor the aircraft to the preferences of the community, hopefully providing simmers with an extensive range of easily-downloadable interior options.

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 6

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 4

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 2

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 1

The avionics system is shaping up nicely, with the team putting in considerable effort to ensure that it functions as close to the real-life counterpart as possible. As SWS approaches a point where they feel the aircraft is ready for previewing and release, the focus remains on fine-tuning the avionics to deliver an accurate and immersive flight simulation experience.

Acknowledging the delays and the desire for the PC-12 to be a new benchmark for SWS aircraft, the developers have decided to release the PC-12 in two or three stages to ensure that each stage meets the high standards set by the team. “We want the PC-12 to be a new benchmark for SWS aircraft, and this takes time. The good news is that it is going to be our best plane when it is released. The bad news is that we need more time to make it what we envisioned it to be“, they said.

The initial release, priced between €25-35, will include the four-bladed PC-12/47 variant, a detailed exterior with reds, chocks, and opening exits, a fully animated cockpit with custom EFIS50, EIS, KR87/GNS530/430, executive and combi interiors, hot starts, residual ITT, engine wear, and the Sky4Sim tablet for PC users. This first stage will provide simmers with a comprehensive and highly detailed virtual aircraft, setting the stage for the following updates.

SimWorks Studios PC 12 MSFS 3

Subsequent updates will add a five-bladed propeller variant, cargo and commuter interiors, weather RADAR, bug fixes, and an SWS tablet. These updates will further enhance the PC-12’s capabilities and provide simmers with even more options for customization and immersion.

An expansion is also in development, with undecided pricing, and will include an aircraft walk-around mode, random failures, wear and tear, removable reds and chocks, and functionality for servicing the plane and resetting failures. This expansion will add another layer of realism to the SWS PC-12 experience, giving simmers an even greater sense of ownership and responsibility for their aircraft.

While the team has refrained from providing an estimated release date, they are now at a point where they can post regular updates about the aircraft, signaling that completion is in sight. Simmers can look forward to more frequent glimpses into the development progress as PC-12 inches ever closer to its eventual release.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project from SimWorks Studios!