Pilot Experience Sim releases Brest Bretagne Airport for MSFS

Pilot Experience Sim (PESIM) is back to the airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After taking a dip into aircraft development with the Maule M7, the developer has now announced the release of Brest Bretagne Airport (LFRB).

Brest Bretagne Airport is an international airport serving Brest, a city in the Brittany region of France. The airport has a single terminal building that handles both domestic and international flights. It’s relatively small compared to major international airports but is well-equipped with essential amenities like shops, restaurants, car rental services, and lounges. The airport has a single runway, which is 3,100 meters (10,170 feet) in length, capable of accommodating a variety of aircraft types.

Brest Bretagne Airport serves several regional airlines and offers flights to various destinations within France and Europe. Airlines like Air France, Transavia, and easyJet operate from this airport. The destinations often include cities like Paris, Lyon, London, and seasonal routes to popular vacation spots.

Pilot Experience Sim promises to have gone to great lengths to ensure the scenery is as realistic as possible. The terrain and runway profiles have been meticulously designed based on accurate map data. All buildings in the area, including those updated to 2023, have been modeled in ultra-realistic detail using PBR textures. The package also includes custom jetways, a specific feature that was developed with the help of the iniBuilds team, 3D people in the terminal, and a host of other features that should contribute to a lifelike experience with this scenery.

Key features:

  • The terrain profile was respected, and the runway profile was carefully designed according to map data.
  • Modeled all the buildings in the area in ultra-realistic detail, including many of the details present in 2023, all in PBR.
  • The scenery is FPS-optimized.
  • The textures used are high quality in PBR
  • New custom jetways included in the airport.
  • 3D people are present in the terminal.
  • The night environment has been worked on to include many realistic night tones and effects.
  • Added a number of dynamic realistic spotlights for a magnificent rendering.
  • Runway lights and HIALS are fully customised.
  • Dynamic custom wig wags have been added, as well as numerous custom airport lighting effects.
  • Each building has been worked on according to complete documentation, thousands of local photos and satellite images.
PESIM Brest Airport MSFS 1.png

PESIM Brest Airport MSFS 2.png

PESIM Brest Airport MSFS 3.png

PESIM Brest Airport MSFS 4.png

  • In order to be as realistic as possible, plan to monitor and update the scenery.
  • In addition to the ultra-detailed character, added numerous custom HD objects and vehicles.
  • All glass and windows are in PBR, including transparencies and ultra-detailed interior libraries in the tower, terminal and other buildings for total immersion.
  • Ground poly and lines have been created using the new FS20 tools, including custom HD textures, crackling effects and other ultra-realistic stains updated to 2023.
  • PAPIs and windsocks have been correctly repositioned, as has signage.
  • The AFCAD has been precisely and ultra-realistically worked out, offering perfect positioning and coherent vehicle movements.
  • Aeroclubs are also ultra-detailed, including the interior.
  • Added unlisted parking spaces on the air-club side, so you can leave from your favorite spot.
  • Throughout the design of the scenery, the notion of performance and economy was never put aside, and the performance is there!

PESIM’s Brest Bretagne Airport is available exclusively through iniBuilds, priced at just €14.99. This availability will extend to other stores, including the MSFS Marketplace, two weeks after today’s launch.