AeroDesigns announces first project for MSFS: Portland International Jetport

AeroDesigns, best known for their work on X-Plane, has revealed its first Microsoft Flight Simulator project. Portland International Jetport, in Maine (not to be confused with KPDX on the other side of the country!) is nearing completion after months of research by the development team into the software development kit in MSFS.

AeroDesigns released this airplane for the X-Plane platform back in 2020. For MSFS, the team planned to do a simple port over to of assets such as objects and textures, but with the capabilities of Microsoft Flight Simulator the project went much further. AeroDesigns completely redesigned the airport, beginning with the ground textures, markings, and taxi layout. This includes extending taxiway Bravo, reworking taxiway Alpha, adding a new taxiway Hotel, updating the terminal apron with new de-icing pads, and finally rehabilitating runway 29-11.

KPWM Portland Jetport MSFS 4

KPWM Portland Jetport MSFS 3

KPWM Portland Jetport MSFS 1

In addition to the ground layout improvements, AeroDesigns decided to completely retexture and improve the terminal building. The team used a variety of single-sheet textures to create a much higher quality exterior and interior. They also improved the terminal’s interior, bringing it to life with clutter to make it feel more like the real thing. Ground dirt and equipment were also added to increase the realism of the airport.

AeroDesigns is hoping to release Portland International Jetport for Microsoft Flight Simulator in the next few weeks. The team is still optimizing the project and working on a pricing strategy, but they aim to keep the cost in line with other projects in the MSFS airport market. For Xbox Series X/S players, AeroDesigns is still working on optimizing the project, and they hope to have more information soon.

AeroDesigns has shared a few preview images of this scenery, which you can see above, to give you an idea of what to expect from it.