NZA Simulations’ beautiful Milford Sound now available for MSFS

As promised, NZA Simulations has launched today their stunning rendition of New Zealand’s Milford Sound Region for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s a spectacular area filled with gorgeous natural landscapes, the iconic Milford Sound Airport, and 7 additional smaller airstrips!

NZA Simulations continues with their tradition of offering MSFS simmers intricately detailed sceneries to get lost in Oceania. Milford Sound Region is an invitation to explore one of the most dramatic and beautiful parts of New Zealand – Fiordland National Park.

The area is characterized by steep cliffs, lush forests, and stunning waterfalls, offering a flying experience that is as challenging as it is breathtaking. The pack covers approximately 100 kilometers from north to south, immersing you in the Fiordland region’s awe-inspiring landscapes.

Besides the quintessential inclusion of NZMF Milford Sound Airport, this package includes seven additional airstrips, each meticulously crafted to offer its unique challenges and vistas. The airstrips included are:

  • NZMF Milford Sound
  • NZMJ Martins Bay Aerodrome
  • NZQU Big Bay Beach Strip
  • NZ31 Cascade Lagoon Airstrip
  • NZ32 Hope River Airstrip
  • NZ34 Hollyford Track Airstrip
  • NZ35 Cascade Station Airstrip
  • T004 Quintin Lodge Airstrip

Besides, you’ll find multiple helipads at several huts in the region, as well as plenty of additional adventure locations scattered throughout.

NZA Simulations NZMF Screenshots for Milford Sound Region Map

In addition to the base pack, NZA Simulations is offering a free Milford Sound Region Expansion Pack, exclusively available from their website. This expansion adds even more locations to explore in the Fiordland area and requires the base pack to function.

Milford Sound Region pack is available now for €19.99 exclusively on the NZA Simulations website. It will also be coming soon to Orbx and the MSFS Marketplace. Remember, the free NZMF Expansion Pack is exclusive to the NZA webstore.

Users are strongly advised to follow the installation instructions included to avoid conflicts with World Update 12 New Zealand.