FlyLogic releases Grenchen Airport, in Switzerland, for MSFS

FlyLogic is back with another airport release in Switzerland. Grenchen Airport (LSZG) is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and joins Lugano Airport, another Swiss airport that was released by the developers earlier this year.

Grenchen is the largest regional airport in Switzerland, located around 20 km north of Bern. It’s a popular regional airfield that attracts model aircraft pilots, gliders and parachutists. Grenchen is also an important pilot training facility and many Swiss pilots have fond memories from the local flight school.

Grenchen Airport is also used for many sightseeing flights around the area, which makes this an excellent starting point for these kinds of flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Switzerland was one of the countries to receive a significant scenery upgrade with the recently released World Update VI, with many new landmarks and a highly detailed landscape waiting to be discovered.

FlyLogic recreated this airport for MSFS with the goal to provide a realistic and detailed experience for virtual pilots. Expect an accurate set of buildings and structures, static gliders and vehicles, animated people and windsock, and more.

Grenchen Airport is now available from Aerosoft’s store for around €15.

Grenchen Airport MSFS 7

Grenchen Airport MSFS 5

Grenchen Airport MSFS 3

Grenchen Airport MSFS 2

Grenchen Airport MSFS 1

Grenchen Airport MSFS 4


  • Realistic and detailed representation of all buildings in the airport
  • Optimally created for MSFS20
  • Adapted to World Update 6
  • Markings on the apron and runways
  • Lifelike lighting effects
  • Animated people and windsock
  • Static gliders, trailers and vehicles
  • Optimized processing speed through the use of several LODs
  • Manual (English, French & German)

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