Lugano Airport released for MSFS by FlyLogic

FlyLogic has released Lugano Airport (LSZA) for MSFS. This recreation of the regional Swiss airport is based on the latest aerial data for a realistic depiction of the area, located very close to the border with Italy.

Lugano is a great place to explore, close to the Alps and those luxurious Swiss landscapes everyone loves. This is a small regional airport, with a single runway that nonetheless provides some challenging opportunities. The instrument approach procedure to runway 19 proves to be a real challenge, with a steep angle of descent that is more than double the standard approach angle.

flylogic airport lugano 4
flylogic airport lugano 4
flylogic airport lugano 2
flylogic airport lugano 2
flylogic airport lugano 5
flylogic airport lugano 5

FlyLogic have also implemented here some interesting dynamic features, with animated windsocks, people moving around the airfield, and more. There’s also some eye-catching night lightning!

Lugano Airport LSZA is now available for just under 20€.

Main Features:

  • Highly detailed airport scenery of Lugano-Agno optimised for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
  • Ground layout with all taxiways and parking positions- breathtaking night lighting
  • High resolution photo textures of the 3d models- all airport buildings accurately reproduced
  • PBR material with ambient occlusion (baked textures)
  • Dynamic night lighting
  • Prominent buildings in the airport vicinity
  • Static aircraft and vehicles
  • Charts to print out: ILS, SID, STAR, VFR and Ground
  • German manual – Manuel en français – English manual – Italien manuale

Living World:

  • Animated windsocks showing wind direction and wind strength
  • Moving airfield persons
  • Apron Service
flylogic airport lugano 5