Some love for South America: El Plumerillo International Airport now available for MSFS

It’s arguably undeniable that most third-party content for Microsoft Flight Simulator is focused on the North American and European continents. This is to be expected, since most of the user base is located in these regions, but other continents need some love too! Fortunately, there are some developers working to fill these gaps, such as Vuelosimple, who focuses on South American airports for MSFS.

We’ve seen Vuelosimple’s work before in Argentina, with Ástor Piazzolla International Airport (SAZM), and now the developers have turned their attention to another location in the country: the city of Mendoza and its international airport, “El Plumerillo“.

El Pumerillo Airport (SAME) is located besides the Andes, the longest mountain range in the world, in the 4th largest urban agglomeration of Argentina. Therefore, it’s an important infrastructure for the region, and a great starting point to explore the incredible and far-stretching landscapes of the Andes. The Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America, is just a few kilometers away, as are many glaciers and snow-covered peaks. A beautiful setting to discover!

For this re-creation of El Pumerillo Airprot for MSFS, Vuelosimple built very realistic and detailed buildings and other structures, like the Terminal and its main interior halls, or the accurate runway with custom marks and textures. Since El Pumerillo is also an Air Force base, those respective hangars have also been built for MSFS.

From the product images and the teaser video that you can see above, this seems to be a detailed airport with plenty of bespoke features. It’s great to see a new development studio doing some good work in regions often forgotten by the biggest studios, thus providing local simmers with brand-new content to explore. By the way, rumor has it that South America will be the target of a forthcoming World Update, possible already in 2022!

SAME – El Plumerillo Airport is now available from Simmarket, priced at just around $10. An interesting new airport to consider visiting during your adventures across Argentina and South America!

maxresdefault 2

SAME El Pumerillo Airport MSFS 7

SAME El Pumerillo Airport MSFS 6

SAME El Pumerillo Airport MSFS 5

SAME El Pumerillo Airport MSFS 4

SAME El Pumerillo Airport MSFS 3

SAME El Pumerillo Airport MSFS 2

SAME El Pumerillo Airport MSFS 1

Main features:

– Hand Crafted Terminal, control tower and parkings.
– Main hall and boarding area interiors.
– IV Brigada Aérea and ACC Mendoza.
– Custom made Apron with accurate parking positions.
– Custom taxiways and runway materials.
– Detailed night lighting.
– LOD (level of detail) Optimization for FS2020.