FlyLogic releases Locarno Airport for MSFS

FlyLogic continues to develop a variety of Swiss airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After releases such as Triengen, Grenchen, Lugano, and more, FlyLogic has now launched a bespoke rendition of Locarno Airport (LSZL), another scenic small airport with great views of the Alps.

As the name suggests, Locarno Airport is located near Locarno, in Southern Switzerland, near the Italian border. It’s a mixed civilian and military airport that primarily serves private pilots and their small planes and supporting services for local aviation companies and entities. A flight school, a skydiving center, or the Swiss Air Rescue Service use Locarno Airport for their operations.

On the military side, this airport is home to the Locarno Airbase. Training operations for aspiring Air Force pilots are carried out on Pilatus PC-7 aircraft stationed in this base.

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 11

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 1

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 10

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 9

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 8

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 7

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 5

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 4

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 3

LSZL Locarno Airport MSFS 2

Locarno Airport features one paved runway and two grass strips, all parallel with the same heading (08/26).

FlyLogic now brings us a realistic and detailed re-creation of this airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developers added several interesting features to this scenery, such as animated people and radar, realistic static airplanes, and dynamic night lighting.

As with every other airfield in Switzerland, Locarno offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities alongside the challenges of being close to high mountains. This is truly one of the most beautiful regions in the world to fly and having custom airports to enhance the experience makes it all even better!

FlyLogic’s Locarno Airport is out now for MSFS, priced at around €15 in the Aerosoft store.


  • Realistic and very detailed depiction of the airport
  • Lifelike lighting effects
  • Animated clock on large hangar shows FS time correctly
  • Animated quad radar system
  • Static airplanes and vehicles
  • Animated people and windsocks
  • Precise collision detection at the buildings
  • Optimized execution speed through the use of LOD’s (3D objects and textures)
  • Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator from World Update 6
  • German manual – Manuel en français – English manual

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