FlyLogic releases Triengen Airfield (Switzerland) for MSFS

FlyLogic is back with another airport in beautiful Switzerland, this time near Lucerne. After Grenchen and Lugano Airports, it’s now Triegen Airfield (LSPN) that is available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a scenic little spot that should also provide a good challenge with its 570 m long runway, the shortest paved runway in Switzerland.

Triengen’s history dates back to 1947, when an enthusiastic farmer founded the airfield out of love for flying. It was used for sightseeing flights, which were themselves an event for locals, who used to gather around the airfield to watch the takeoffs and landings.

Eventually, Triengen became a regular place for pilots in the region to get together and share heir love for aviation. In the 1960s, the grass runway was replaced for a hard-suface version. Later in that decade, the Flying Ranch Triengen flight school was inaugurated, and it still operates today teaching many local pilots how to fly.

Triengen airfield has now been custom-built for MSFS, with FlyLogic promising a realistic and highly detailed recreation of the airport. This package also includes a model of the nearby factory, static vehicles, animated people and windsock, and great lighting.

With a length of just 570m, the runway at Triengen can prove to be a challenge if you’re not precise during a landing. This, together with the absolutely gorgeous landscapes in Switzerland, should make for a compelling experience in MSFS!

Triengen Airport is now available through Aerosoft for just around €10.00.


  • Realistic and highly detailed representation of the airport
  • Very detailed representation of the nearby factory
  • Optimally created for MSFS
  • Adapted to World Update 6
  • Markings on the apron and runways
  • Lifelike lighting effects
  • Animated people and windsock
  • Static vehicles
  • Standard ground traffic of the MSFS
  • The large hangar provides a view of the aircraft lifts and aircraft parked in the hangar through windows and an open gate
  • Optimized processing speed through the use of LODs
  • Deutsches Handbuch – Manuel en Français – English manual
flylogic triengen msfs 15

flylogic triengen msfs 12

flylogic triengen msfs 11

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