FlyLogic and SwissMilSim are out today with two new Swiss airfields for MSFS

While many of you are busy exploring the newly-improved Canadian scenery in MSFS, European developers continue to churn out new airports for the good Old Continent. Those flying in Switzerland are particularly lucky today, with the simultaneous release of two new airports: LSPL Langenthal Airport, brought to us by FlyLogic, and LSMP Payerne Air Base, from SwissMilSim.

We’ll start with the latter. LSMP is now available in this new freeware release from SwissMilSim, who recently released the Vampire DH-100 for MSFS. The team had promised that this scenery would be coming after the aircraft’s release, hoping to offer Vampire pilots a realistic base to start out operations.

LSMP Payerne is currently the main base of the Swiss Air Force. Nowadays, the fleet of Swiss F/A-18s is one of the most common sights in the airport, but this should also be a good place to get your Vampire up and running.

swissmilsim payerne air base lsmp msfs 3

swissmilsim payerne air base lsmp msfs 2

swissmilsim payerne air base lsmp msfs 1

swissmilsim payerne air base lsmp msfs 4

SwissMilSim is offering this scenery for free. It’s currently still in an early stage of development, but the team promises to bring continuous updates that will bring this airport up to its current 2022 layout. Still, it’s already significantly better than the default scenery!

As for FlyLogic’s rendition of LSPL Langenthal Airport, it’s more akin to the standard payware release that we often see for MSFS. It’s just around 70km away from LSMP, so you can easily and quickly get from one airport to the other in your favorite airplane while enjoying the typically beautiful Swiss Mittelland.

Langenthal Airfield is a private airfield to the west of Bern. With two really short runways (one in asphalt with 585 meters and a 335m grass runway) this is really only suitable for small planes and gliders, which also makes it a perfect candidate for a nice and cozy spot! This seems to be exactly what FlyLogic set out to do. Watch the trailer video below to get a good idea of what to expect!

LSPL Langenthal Airport is now available from FlyLogic’s website, priced at CHF 14.90 (about the same in €).