Orbx releases Samedan Airport, the best way to get to Saint Moritz

Looking for a challenging airport while going on some nice vacations to a luxury winter resort? Then look no further than Orbx’s latest release for MSFS, Samedan Airport (LSZS), located high in the Swiss Alps and the best way to get to the famous Saint Moritz.

Samedan is well known for its challenging conditions, being located at a high altitude and within a valley in the Alps. The setup is impressive for several reasons: the thin air at 5.600ft compromises aircraft performance, while the precise approach between the mountains demands your full attention. It’s also a location prone to strong winds and low visibility when the weather deteriorates, so prepare to get your hands full when arriving at Samedan.

Fortunately, all that work should pay off with some truly spectacular views. After all, Saint Moritz, located just 5km away, is a world-famous winter destination for good reason. The views, the landscapes, the mountains full of snow, attract many people from all over Europe. And that’s because of this proximity that Samedan is a popular place for many rich and famous, who bring their private jets into this scenic alpine airfield. Interestingly, Samedan Airport is the highest airport in Europe to handle airliners such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus A319. A nice ‘Landing Challenge’ idea, is it not?

Orbx Samedan Airport MSFS 1
Orbx Samedan Airport MSFS 1
Orbx Samedan Airport MSFS 2
Orbx Samedan Airport MSFS 2
Orbx Samedan Airport MSFS 3
Orbx Samedan Airport MSFS 3

Orbx and developer Andrea Hegi recreate this stunning location with everything it deserves to be properly represented in Flight Simulator. You will find a hugely detailed rendition of Samedan, with full PBR, high-resolution and realistic textures, perfectly blended with the amazing surrounding scenery filled with mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers.

Additionally, this scenery includes the nearby villages of Samedan and St. Moritz, with many of its iconic hotels and churches.

Samedan Airport (LSZS) is now available through Orbx Direct for around 12.00€.

Alternatively, there’s also a freeware version of this airport, which we’ve featured before, that should also be a good choice if you’re looking to explore Samedan. Check it out here!

Main Features

  • Completely new version of the bestseller
  • Located in the south east of Switzerland
  • Full PBR UHD texturing
  • Incredibly detailed, high definition rendition of Samedan Airport
  • Scenic mountain landscape with glaciers, lakes and rivers all make stunning visual approaches
  • Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography to provide the most immersive experience possible
  • Includes the villages of Samedan and St. Moritz with many custom hotels and churches – perfect for the VFR fliers
  • By Andreas Hegi
Orbx Samedan Airport MSFS 5