FeelThere Releases Ontario Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FeelThere has a vast airport portfolio for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which the team continues to expand with regular new releases. From European destinations such as Stuttgart to global hubs like Dubai and LAX, FeelThere offers a bit of everything for all commercial pilots out there. Their latest release, Ontario International Airport (KONT), continues this trend, this time in the United States.

KONT is one of Southern California’s key airports, located just two miles east of downtown Ontario. This airport serves as a pivotal hub for both air and truck cargo operations on the West Coast, notably for UPS Airlines, and stands as a major distribution point for FedEx.

Serving mostly domestic routes, but with a few international destinations covered as well, Ontario International Airport opens plenty of flying opportunities for simmers looking for a bit of an offbeat commercial destination in California.

FeelThere KONT Ontario Airport MSFS 6

FeelThere KONT Ontario Airport MSFS 4

FeelThere KONT Ontario Airport MSFS 3

FeelThere KONT Ontario Airport MSFS 1

FeelThere KONT Ontario Airport MSFS 5

FeelThere KONT Ontario Airport MSFS 8

FeelThere KONT Ontario Airport MSFS 2

Key Features of FeelThere’s Ontario Airport for MSFS:

  • Over 60 highly detailed building models with PBR texturing.
  • Complete modelled ground polygon including realistic decals, dirt, taxi lines and surfaces.
  • Custom animated jetways with gate numbering.
  • Updated AFCAD, parking spots, taxiway names and taxi signs.
  • Improved taxiway and runway lighting.
  • Multiple objects and clutter placed over the airport using the SDK.
  • Improved night lighting and apron lamps.
  • Terrain follows real world elevation.

Ontario International Airport’s strategic location and role in cargo and passenger transport make it an exciting addition for MSFS enthusiasts. The airport’s complex operations, coupled with its proximity to major urban centers and scenic landscapes, offer virtual pilots a diverse range of flying experiences, from navigating busy airspace to managing cargo flights.

This rendition of KONT Ontario Airport is now available for less than $20.00.