Samedan Airport (freeware) – fly to Saint Moritz on this cold, snowy winter

Saint Moritz is a popular winter resort in the Swiss Alps, hosting a variety of activities that attract the rich and wealthy to its luxury hotels and tourist facilities.

The nearest airport, just 5 km away, is Samedan Airport (LSZS), a challenging small airfield at the bottom of a valley, which is also the highest airport in Europe capable of receiving airliners like the Boeing 737-200 and Airbus A319.

Saint Moritz Samedan Airport MSFS 5

While LSZS doesn’t have scheduled flights, it still gets a good amount of private traffic, ranging from small propeller planes to private corporate jets, so it’s a good destination if you’re used to flying the CJ4, for example. And a nice challenge to navigate there and land without instrument landing systems!

This freeware airport, created by Sergio Del Rosso, is an excellent recreation of the location and a great improvement over the default scenery. Keep in mind that you must also install the SDR Scenery Pack V1.0, which contains many objects used throughout the author’s addons.

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