These Were the Best-Selling MSFS Addons of 2023 in the Marketplace

2023 was yet another landmark year for Microsoft Flight Simulator, witnessing the launch of an impressive assortment of addons and mods. The spectrum ranged from meticulously detailed aircraft models to expansive scenery packs, available to simmers through various channels, including direct purchases from developers, third-party stores, and most prominently, the MSFS Marketplace.

The visibility and subsequent sales boost that products gain upon their release in the Marketplace have been frequently highlighted by developers. However, despite the clear signs of a bustling developer community enjoying a period of significant success and activity, measuring the popularity of these products has remained somewhat elusive. However, the MSFS team has provided today a glimpse into this data, unveiling the top 100 best-selling addons in the MSFS Marketplace for 2023.

This list, not surprisingly dominated by aircraft, was organized into four categories based on overall revenue: Bronze (51-100), Silver (25-50), Gold (13-24), and the elite top-12 in Platinum. Although the products within each category are listed alphabetically, making precise ranking challenging, the categorization offers a rough estimation of their success.

While specific sales figures are generally not shared, a notable exception provides some interesting insights. The Antonov An-225, making it into the top-12 Platinum category, sold around 100,000, according to Jorg Neumann in the latest Developer Stream. At $20, this translates to $2 million for this top-selling product!

The top-12 list includes heavy hitters like PMDG with their 737, but also smaller developers like AzurPoly with their C160 Transall, IndiaFoxtEcho with the F-35, and Top Mach Studios with their F-22. Based on the numbers for the An-225, it’s easy to imagine incredible revenue figures for the products in the same group, especially for the smaller developers who are likely experiencing a life-changing period with their focus on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Congratulations to you all!

Anyway, here’s the full list of top-selling add-ons in the Marketplace during 2023, as shared by the MSFS team, with links to our relevant articles where you can find more information:

Bronze (51-100)

  • 310R (Blackbird Simulations) – $39.99
  • A320 Worldwide Megapack LIV (4Simmers) – $1.99
  • Aircraft Realistic Lights (Zinertek) – $6.99
  • B787-9 (4Simmers) – $6.99
  • BF-109 G-6 (FlyingIron Sims) – $30.49
  • Boeing 307 Stratoliner (Microsoft / Aeroplane Heaven) – $14.99
  • Boeing 767-300ER (Captain Sim) – $19.99
  • Boeing 767-400ER (Captain Sim) – $19.99
  • Boeing 777 Freighter (Captain Sim) – $19.99
  • Boeing 777-200ER GE (Captain Sim) – $19.99
  • Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner (Captain Sim) – $19.99
  • C-130 Exterior (Captain Sim) – $14.99
  • C337H Skymaster II (Carenado) – $24.99
  • C510 Mustang (Cockspur) – $26.99
  • CJS Rafale (CJSimulations) – $34.99
  • Constellation (Redwing) – $38.99
  • Corvette C8 (LivToAir) – $9.99
  • CS 206B3 (Cowan Simulation) – $32.99
  • CS 500E (Cowan Simulation) – $32.99
  • E190-E2 Series (Virtualcol FS Software) – $17.99
  • Embraer 170-175 Series (Virtualcol FS Software) – $10.49
  • Embraer 190-195 Series (Virtualcol FS Software) – $10.49
  • Enhanced Photogrammetry (Project Coastline) – $14.99
  • Enhanced Runway Lights (FlyT Simulations) – $5.99
  • F-117 Nighthawk (Aerial Simulations) – $19.99
  • F-14D Super Tomcat (Steve-E & YurikAir) – $29.99
MSFS Marketplace Top Bronze 2023 2
MSFS Marketplace Top Bronze 2023 1

Silver (25-50)

MSFS Marketplace Top Silver 2023

Gold (13-24)

MSFS Marketplace Top Gold 2023

Platinum (1-12)

MSFS Marketplace Top Platinum 2023