IndiaFoxtEcho updates F-35 for MSFS with mimicked in-flight refueling

IndiaFoxtEcho has updated its popular F-35 addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with some limited support for users to refuel the jet in-flight.

Announcing the changes on Discord, IndiaFoxtEcho said the “fake” in-flight refuel functionality will allow users to refuel the aircraft in the air “if the receptacle is exposed or probe is extended”, provided the pilot keeps it within 50 feet and 10 knots of the initial condition.

Other changes include a draft terrain avoidance system – GCAS – where, when set to auto, the aircraft will attempt to avoid ground collision if it senses that one is imminent.

F 35 lightning msfs 2

The full changelog can be read here.

To compliment the F-35, IndiaFoxtEcho is also working on its range of aircraft carriers. The existing America class carriers are being converted from landmarks to airports, allowing users to take off directly from them. The Ford class carriers are also being converted to airports, and work is also underway to release a moving version.

Finally, the team is working the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth class carriers, and the Italian navy’s Cavour aircraft carrier.

Indiafoxtecho america class ships f 35 1

In addition to the work on its F-35, the developer has also recently shared screenshots of its upcoming and highly anticipated Panavia Tornado for Microsoft Flight Simulator, although a release date is yet to be announced.