The Carenado C182RG is now available on Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC and Xbox

Carenado’s latest aircraft, the C182RG, has arrived in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace! Known for its unique retractable gear, this general aviation classic is now ready to take off from your virtual hangar on both PC and Xbox platforms.

The C182RG, a favorite among pilots for its dynamic flying experience, is now available at the MSFS Marketplace for $19.99. The aircraft’s retractable landing gear not only enhances the plane’s streamlined elegance but also improves aerodynamics, leading to higher cruise speeds and better fuel efficiency. But don’t forget to lower that gear before landing!

Like all of Carenado’s offerings, we’re looking at an impeccably modeled airplane inside and out, with incredibly detailed textures and an overall very good looking product. It also promises to be an interesting mix of analog and digital, thanks to the combination of steam gauges and modern Garmin avionics.

Carenado 182RG MSFS 5

So, buckle up and prepare to pilot the elegant C182RG. Visit the MSFS Marketplace today and add grab this great-looking new airplane from Carenado!