LatinVFR releases the Airbus A320ceo for MSFS

LatinVFR has released the Airbus A320ceo for Microsoft Flight Simulator, further expanding its range of Airbus family aircraft in the platform. The A320ceo joins the previously released A318 and A319 models, offering a more comprehensive lineup of Airbus airliners for MSFS simmers to enjoy on both PC and Xbox.

The A320ceo package boasts over 90 liveries for real-world operators, as well as two engine variants – CFM and IAE – and Sharklet (SL) models. In total, there are four distinct aircraft variants within the package. Each variant comes with a detailed aircraft interior, complete with night lighting, animated passengers, and cabin crew.

The A320ceo’s systems and flight deck are built upon the default Asobo A320neo, with modifications to incorporate additional systems such as ECAM takeoff and landing memos, as well as other ECAM messages and pages. This includes ENG, BLEED, PRESS, ELEC, HYD, APU, COND, DOOR, WHEEL, and F-CTL pages, all of which enhance the overall functionality of the aircraft’s flight deck.

In terms of cockpit ambience, LatinVFR has tailored the A320ceo to feature unique designs for each of the 80+ operators, providing a distinct cockpit experience for each specific aircraft and registration. The package includes different sets of flight decks, ranging from older types (non SL) with a standby DDRMI and a more worn look, to newer types on SL aircraft with a fresher feel.

Additional features include wing flex, an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), and customized ground service equipment, such as stairs, air conditioner, ground power unit, baggage loaders, and more, all accessible through the tablet. Though basic at launch, with functionalities such as weather, payload, fuel, and ground services, LatinVFR has ambitious plans for the tablet’s future. The developer is working on incorporating advanced calculations and other features, which will increase the utility of this device for pilots. Moreover, the EFB will also be added to the other aircraft in LatinVFR’s Airbus family.

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 2

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 1

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 3

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 4

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 5

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 6

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 7

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 8

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 9

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 10

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 11

LatinVFR A320ceo MSFS 12

The A320ceo’s system depth seems positioned between the default A320 and the more advanced FlyByWire or Fenix models, targeting a specific market of console users who may not need as advanced a simulation as hardcore PC players. This strategic move by LatinVFR capitalizes on the growing popularity of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox, which has seen a surge of interest since the recent addition of WASM support. The A320ceo offers a welcome expansion of airliner options for Xbox pilots looking for a more realistic yet manageable experience.

With a comprehensive package with a wide variety of liveries, engine variants, and detailed aircraft interiors, LatinVFR’s A320ceo may not be up to the standards of the most demanding simmers, but it certainly looks like a compelling proposition for those looking for a relatively realistic depiction of the A320, especially in what’s available in the MSFS Marketplace.

The Airbus A320ceo from LatinVFR is now available for $29.63 via Contrail and also in the MSFS Marketplace.

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