The Got Friends Wilga, one of the best bush planes in MSFS, is finally available in the Marketplace!

After an unusually long waiting time, Got Friends has finally managed to get its stunning PZL-104 Wilga 35/80 into the MSFS Marketplace. It’s a comprehensive package that comes in various configurations, offering everything a bush simmer needs to have many hours of fun exploring the backcountry in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

We were highly impressed with the WIlga when it came out nearly two months ago. It’s a masterfully executed package with excellent graphics, sounds, flight model, and realism features. It’s even packed with unique goodies like a playable guitar and the ability to paddle to the shore in the version with floats! Read our initial impressions about the airplane to get a feel of what you’re getting.

The PZL-104 Wilga is a classic Polish bush plane that comes to MSFS by the talented folks at Got Friends, who recreated the original Polish version and its western version. In this package, you will actually find four different variants with specific engines and wheel configurations, each available in eastern and western flavors.

The Wilga has been available for a while through Got Friends’ website, but only for PC simmers. Console users can now have fun with the package too, with today’s release in the Marketplace. The price remains the same, at $35, and comes with a free copy of the EGH2 Forwood Farm scenery.

Got Friends Wilga msfs preview 18

Got Friends Wilga msfs preview 16

Got Friends Wilga msfs preview 15

Got Friends Wilga msfs preview 13

Got Friends Wilga msfs preview 8