Just Flight unveils a new aircraft for MSFS: the Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2!

Exciting new airplanes continue to be announced and released for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Today, Just Flight unveiled another project in the works for the simulator, and it’s one that British simmers will find particularly compelling: the Avro Vulcan!

That’s right, the iconic RAF strategic bomber, known for its rule during the Falklands War and a part of Britain’s nuclear deterrent, is coming to MSFS by the hands of Just Flight, who have already graced us with some of the best airplanes currently available in the sim. The Vulcan is a beloved product from the team, with existing versions for X-Plane, FSX and P3D that garnered the recognition of the community.

The Vulcan is now making its way to MSFS, with all the greatness that comes with it. Naturally, you’ll first notice the fantastic new graphics, made possible by the tremendous new rendering engine in MSFS. Just Flight didn’t hold back from sharing a few initial images of the Vulcan in the simulator, which look positively fabulous!

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 3

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 2

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 1

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 9

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 8

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 7

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 6

Just Flight Avro Vulcan MSFS 4

It’s easy to get excited by the level of detail seen above. The exterior does look great but it’s the Vulcan’s cockpit that steals the show. The modeling and texturing are second to none, with very high levels of visual fidelity. Interestingly, Just Flight appears to be implementing a tablet or some kind of EFB that will enable simmers to activate the doors, external elements, and other features.

Just Flight says that the team has only just started a testing process for the Vulcan, with much work still left to be done. The current focus continues to be the delivery of the F28, the RJ, and the Tomahawk, so we’re likely to see the Avro Vulcan taking a long time to see the light of day.

Once that happens, however, Just Flight hopes that both PC and Xbox users will be able to enjoy the airplane. That is if WASM really ends up coming to the Xbox, as planned. Until then, enjoy these stunning first images of the Vulcan in MSFS and stay tuned for further updates over the coming months!