PMDG releases the Boeing 737-900 for MSFS

As promised a few days ago, PMDG released today the final piece of the 737NG Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Boeing 737-900, the longest of the bunch, is now available for MSFS flyers through PMDG’s website, priced at $49.99.

This package brings us two new 737 airframes: the -900 and the -900ER, the most popular of the two. Along with these, PMDG added specific options for each variant and all their operational differences, such as auxiliary fuel tanks, payload configurations, winglets, and a customized flight model for each airframe.

As expected, PMDG says that the 737-900 offers significant performance differences when compared to their shorter siblings. The -900s require higher takeoff speeds and longer runways, which are necessary to lift the added weight off the ground.

PMDG 737 900 MSFS released 7

PMDG 737 900 MSFS released 5

PMDG 737 900 MSFS released 4

PMDG 737 900 MSFS released 3

PMDG 737 900 MSFS released 2

PMDG 737 900 MSFS released 1

Sadly, the long-awaited PMDG Flight Tablet is still not included in this latest version of the 737NG for MSFS. PMDG’s developers continue hard at work on that specific feature, but, despite taking significantly longer than expected to create, PMDG is confident that, in the end, the results and added functionality of this tool will be worth it.

As always, the PMDG 737-900 comes with a range of liveries from real-world operators. These can be easily installed through the PMDG Operations Centre app.

The PMDG 737-900 is now available for download through PMDG’s online store. At $49.99, pricing is set nicely between the 600 and the 700/800.