FlyingIron Simulations updates the P-38L Lightning with Xbox compatibility, new propeller simulation, and much more

FlyingIron Simulations has two of the best warbirds currently available for MSFS, the Spitfire and the P-38L, both very carefully crafted and special in their own way. The P-38L, which launched for PC back in September, is getting this week its biggest update yet, which brings a huge number of fixes and improvements.

Now at version 1.1.0, the P-38L gets at least two much-awaited changes. The first is compatibility with Xbox, made possible by a total rewrite of the underlying code. This paves the way for a release in the consoles, but there’s no clear indication about when that might happen. Stay tuned for the upcoming Marketplace updates (usually every Thursday), to see when the P-38L becomes available for console simmers.

Another major change in this new version is the implementation of the new propeller simulation system, which was introduced with Sim Update 8. This new simulation makes propeller-driven airplanes behave in a much more realistic way, so it’s great to see FlyingIron implementing this system so quickly in its products.

FlyingIron P 38L Lightning MSFS 7

While these are two of the most significant changes brought by version 1.1.0, the whole package is seeing some improvements in one way or another. For example, when it comes to visuals, the P-38L now features new propeller discs and start-up animations, icing effects, a new canopy rip-off animation, redesigned gauges, glowing turbochargers, and more.

There’s much more to find out, so check the full changelog and go grab the new version from your original purchase location. If you haven’t flown the P-38L in a while, it definitely deserves to be revisited after this massive update!