The P-38L Lightning from FlyingIron Simulations is now available for MSFS

As promised earlier this month, FlyingIron Simulations released today their second aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Lockheed P-38L Lightning. The P-38L is an iconic American Warbird, made famous for its twin-boom design and its versatile role during World War II.

After the highly successful recreation of the Spitfire, FlyingIron is now looking to bring the same attention to detail to the P-38. Their goal is to provide a realistic simulation of the aircraft in all its facets, from performance figures and sounds to the realistic depiction of the complex engine and cooling systems. The flight dynamics, notably, have been worked on by Got Gravel, so we should expect a unique and nuanced experience flying this legendary plane.

This P-38L also comes with a few nice-to-haves, such as a modern radio, transponder, and the possibility to have an in-cockpit Garmin 430. FlyingIron also included an optional tablet that incorporates many useful GUI features and puts them in an easily accessible way. Interactive checklists are also available to guide you through start-up and flight procedures.

flyingiron p 38 l msfs 7.jpg

flyingiron p 38 l msfs 6.jpg

flyingiron p 38 l msfs 5.jpg

flyingiron p 38 l msfs 4.jpg

flyingiron p 38 l msfs 3.jpg

flyingiron p 38 l msfs 1.jpg

The P-38L will be punishing if you don’t fly it properly. FlyingIron implemented a few features that will have you carefully learn and operate the aircraft to avoid any troubles, such as altitude blackouts and canopy blowouts. So, expect an immersive and demanding experience that will reward those who really want to go deep on this aircraft.

The P-38L Lightning is now available directly from FlyingIron’s website for $45.00 AUD. It will also come to the MSFS Marketplace, but that will take a few weeks more.