Watch the BBS 757 for MSFS fly a DME arc at Fuerteventura Airport

Blue Bird Simulations continues to work on its highly awaited Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer has been quite open concerning the project’s progress, sharing regular updates and sneak peeks into the current state of the aircraft and some of its capabilities. The latest is an interesting new video demonstrating the BBS 757’s capabilities to fly a DME arc shortly after departure from Fuerteventura Airport!

Fuerteventura Airport is located in the Canary Islands (Seafront Simulations just added lots of boats to the area, by the way) and it features a beautiful DME arc centered on the FTV VOR. With the route programmed in the FMC, the video shows the 757 taking off from runway 19 and following the programmed path, including the DME arc.

With active LNAV/VNAV modes and autothrottle, this is also a preview of the global capabilities of the autopilot fitted in the 757. The aircraft slightly overshoots its trajectory at the beginning of the arc but quickly corrects and follows the arc perfectly, even in a crosswind!

As impressive as it may be, BBS warns that this is all still a work in progress. But it’s a great early look into the flight deck of the 757, both in terms of how its systems look and operate, and also in terms of visuals. We’ve seen the interior graphics evolve over the last few months but this video is our best look yet into the beautiful BBS 757 cockpit, which seems to feature great modeling, texturing, and lighting.

Some distinct features of the 757 can also be seen in the video. Note, for example, the pronounced curvature of the CRT displays, a testimony of the aircraft’s long 40-year history.

There’s no doubt the Blue Bird Simulations 757 for MSFS is getting more impressive with each consecutive preview, but there’s still a long way to go for this project to see the light of day. BBS points to a release sometime in 2023 and they’re hoping to release the aircraft for both PC and Xbox, which is certainly great news for what seems to be a relatively in-depth experience!